Advancing Operational Technologies

We deliver solutions which advance operational technologies. We are committed to finding efficiencies and simplifying processes for the end-user. We lead the way into new possibilities.


The Syntric Difference

We are a leading PropTech service provider for the commercial, retail, high-end residential and industrial sectors. We set ourselves apart from other providers by delivering tailored solutions to fit your organisation’s needs. We place a high value on delivering the best outcome for YOUR organisation, and will work closely with you to achieve your strategic asset management goals.

Cyber Security, Networking (ICN or BSN), IoT Integration and
return-to-work strategies are our core competencies.


Cyber Solutions

Ransomware attacks are targeting Operational Technology on an increasing basis. It’s therefore crucial that your building has a cybersecurity solution to combat the threat of cyber-attack. Our team of experts will provide your organisation with the benefits of a smarter building, without the cyber security risk.


Building Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and live. Contactless access control, air purification technology and other smart building innovations will limit the airborne and physical transmission of the virus and restore confidence in returning to the workplace. We’ve partnered with leading brands to make your building safer.


Building Connectivity Solutions

A common challenge for many businesses is poor OT networking infrastructure, with systems that are unmanaged and undocumented. Our team will conduct an audit to pinpoint issues and identify areas of improvement. We’ll also undertake the management of your OT networks, allowing unimpeded growth over time.

Technical Advisory Services

Maximise ROI, while reducing risk and increasing safety and compliance for your building. SyntricConsult™, the specialist advisory arm of Syntric, provides you with independent compliance, risk, condition, and financial planning auditing services. Our advice will help ensure that your short and long-term capital and operational expenditure forecasts are based on fact. 

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