Building Connectivity Solutions

Secure OT Networks

Operational Technology (OT) refers to the hardware and software systems used to control and monitor physical processes in industrial and built environments. These systems are becoming increasingly connected and demanding a higher level of performance from the infrastructure providing them connectivity.

Building occupants are also increasingly expecting greater experiences to be delivered from their working environments which can be further enabled through the implementation of reliable connectivity foundations.

Integrated Communications Networks (ICN)

An Integrated Communication Network (ICN), also referred to as a Building Services Network (BSN), is a single, managed network. Often defined by their fibre backbone, an ICN provides connectivity to the OT within a building which makes it important to design these systems with an understanding of the environments operation and criticality in mind.

Traditional vs Integrated Communication Networks

In many built environments, networks have often been built organically and without strategy in mind. This often results in many disparate, unmanaged and unknown networks through an environment. This presents risk to operational continuity and significantly hampers network related troubleshooting efforts.

No More Disparate Networks

With an ICN, the disparate networks are migrated into one platform designed with the building’s risk appetite and technology investment strategies in mind. Our specialists can design, deliver and manage an ICN through its lifecycle, ensuring this critical foundation aligns with these strategies.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a system designed to provide cellular coverage in-doors by extending a telecommunications carrier’s network. Not only important to building occupants using their mobile devices, the carrier networks are becoming increasingly important in providing connectivity for IoT and OT systems.

The Syntric team can facilitate the “turn-key” delivery of a DAS complaint with MCF specifications from the early design stages, through to project hand-over. This includes not only the technology components, but the additional electrical and construction components required as part of the specifications. Our team have significant experience in working in any environment and will ensure the project is delivered with minimal interruption to building occupants or operations.

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