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Knowing which assets you have in your building is the first step to securing it. SyntricConsult™ provides your organisation with independent compliance, risk, condition, and financial planning advisory services.

Our specialist auditors can deliver specific audits or a combination of audits and advisory information, with dedicated technical advisors in each of the following building systems and services:

  • HVAC Mechanical and Essential Services
  • Building Management Control System
  • Fire Protection
  • Electrical Services
  • Plumbing / Hydraulic Services
  • Building Safety
  • Building Fabric

Built Environment Technical Advisory

Compliance, risk, condition, and financial planning advice
Know your assets, minimise risk and make informed capital planning decisions, through a detailed audit on your Hard Technical, Building and Operational Technology (OT) assets as the first step in strategic asset management.
  • Comprehensive asset information
  • Understand the current condition of your assets
  • Provide strategic asset management solutions
  • Risk management solutions
  • Capital expenditure, life cycle and budget for financial planning
  • Review/evaluation of existing maintenance practices
  • Building compliance advice
  • Building safety (WH&S compliance) advice
  • Energy/Sustainability advice
  • Healthy Building advice
  • High resolution drone inspections/audits
  • Understand the connectivity and Cyber Risk of your OT environment

Technical Due Diligence Minimise risk and make informed capital planning decisions

Understanding the potential risks and cost involved when purchasing a property is paramount. SynticConsult provides the investor with security and peace of mind with a comprehensive assessment of condition, suitability for intended use, future capital expenditure, asset reinstatement and deferred maintenance.

We give the investor peace of mind, by providing:

  • A transparent view
  • Expertise across all technical and building services
  • Comprehensive assessment of asset condition
  • Building safety (WH&S compliance) advice
  • A full regulatory compliance review in accordance with BCA/NCC, relevant codes of practices and Australian/New Zealand Standards;
  • Outstanding capital expenditure 
  • Future capital expenditure for financial planning
  • Deferred maintenance/outstanding repairs
  • Asset reinstatement costs 
  • Ensure you are not exposed by future building services related financial expenses, following the acquisition on the property

Defect Liability Advisory Service

Defect Liability Advisory Service
Avoid unnecessary costs and increase essential safety standards
We provide ‘Defect Liability’ reporting services on new commercial properties across all market sectors in the built environment, by undertaking an independent audit prior to the expiry of the defects liability period.

Specialist Services

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