Integrated OT Q&A with Cam Exley

Why Integrated Operational Technology is helping to streamline building maintenance, with Syntric’s Cameron Exley What is Integrated Operational Technology? Facilities Management sits down with Cameron Exley from Syntric to talk about how integrating technology into the facility can be a long-term cost effective solution. What is Operational Technology (OT)? Often confused with Information Technology, OT […]

Cyber cloaking – are there gaps in your OT security?

By Cameron Exley, Head of Technology and Commercialisation at Syntric Cameron Exley talks about OT security threats and explains how simple thingslike conducting sensible conversations and confirming ownership should bethe first steps to preventing attacks. Last September, Gartner included cyber threats to physical processes and assets inits ‘Top nine security and risk trends for 2020’. […]

How well do you know your assets? The benefits of a professional audit

By: Will Dorahy, National Manager – Auditing at SyntricConsult The knowledge, efficiency, safety and financial benefits unlocked by today’sprofessional audits are too great for facility managers to pass up. Why do you need to know your buildings’ assets? In a 2020 survey conducted in partnership with FM Magazine, readers listed energymanagement as their number one […]

Smart buildings mean new risk challenges. How prepared are you?

In the property industry, you’re no stranger to risk. Managing assets and managingrisk go hand in hand. It was always complicated staying on top of both technicalservices and cyber security. Now they’re much more intimately bound together, and ittakes a different, more comprehensive approach to strategic management. The goodnews is that the benefits, both long […]

Protecting cyber networks in buildings

protecting cyber networks

By Cameron Exley, Head of Technology and Commercialisation at Syntric The need to protect buildings with a cyber security system can be correlated to the increasing profileand volume of attacks against these assets. It is no longer possible to remain blissfully unaware thatbuildings are valuable targets for cyber criminals. One of the first high-profile attacks […]

Auditing increases asset viability

Auditing Increases asset viability

By Will Dorahy, National Advisory Manager, SyntricConsult The built environment is made up of critical building services and infrastructure, which are major capitalinvestments for any business. The use of comprehensive auditing services across buildings increasesasset visibility and enhances risk management. By appropriately capturing all relevant data, buildingowners and occupants can develop a unique and strategic […]

Cyber security: time to close the back door

Cyber security time to close the back door

Cyber security threats are not a new phenomenon. For as long as we have had informationtechnology (IT) systems, we have had to protect them from unauthorised access. However,today we face a new era in cyber-attacks that has emerged as a direct result of theincreased use of the Internet of things (IoT) in our buildings. The […]

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